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The Formula For Making Money On The Internet

If you're like me, chances are that you want to improve your financial situation by adding to your bottom line, and adding to it significantly. Let me confess at the outset here, that I don't claim to have the answer for making money on the internet. So if you feel the least bit misled by the title of this article, feel free to leave and go read something else. Now I will claim that I have discovered what I think is the magic formula for profiting on the internet, and that I am in the process of trying it out. I will also share some frustrating experiences I've had along the way, in the hopes that I might be able to save you some time and money on things that don't work. You may only get one idea out of this article that could save you either time or money, but that, of course, will depend on you.For openers, I've only made a very limited amount of money writing articles. From what I've seen on the internet, there are a number of websites out there that will pay people to write content for them. I don't think this is where the big money is, and so far, I don't know that it's even a steady enough source of income to pay your bills. I will say this: I've tried to enlist the ideas of others, thinking they might be able to shorten the learning curve for me, and have not had much luck.If you think like I do, you probably want to find something you can market online, that is free or next to free to promote, and appeals to a wide enough audience to bring in some decent spending money. On principle, I try not to buy many of the things I see advertised through e-mails or various other websites promising instant wealth, because what few times I have bought some of these things, the sellers just want to sell me more of the same junk, known as upselling. For example, you could just about pick out any internet marketer out there, trying to sell you a product or service that's designed to earn you money, and the minute you bite on one of them, they're immediately trying to upsell you with coaching, videos, or even other services designed to enhance the first service you took a chance on buying in the first place. Some may disagree with me, but I think this is a deceptive sales practice. I mean, if the first product an internet marketer sells you, isn't going to earn the promised amount of money within seven or thirty days and you need to purchase an additional course at a significantly higher cost, or invest in expensive "coaching, " I think that's being dishonest, and quite honestly, I've been known to ask for a refund from Clickbank almost immediately. I'm to the point where I won't buy anything from one of these internet marketers unless they use Clickbank, because they're one of the easiest places to get refunds from, when these internet marketers' promises don't live up to the hype.That being said, here's what I believe IS the formula for making money on the internet, and it's one that I'm in the process of trying out. First, you have to either design your own product or choose one that is already selling well and become an affiliate. I like the idea of designing your own product better, because then you get to keep all the earnings. Most of these internet marketers say the same thing in their free e-books they send you, when you give them your e-mail address in return for all the spam you'll get from them later, trying to constantly sell you the latest thing they've come across, and often from other venders. I'm not saying that internet marketers shouldn't do that, i.e., use your e-mail address in exchange for future offers. Some internet marketers claim that you can't make any money selling your products until you build up a list of your own, using a website and a capture page and all that. This part of the whole money-making formula makes sense.Second, whether you like it or not, you're going to have to have a website. I'd encourage anyone setting up a website to shop around. Prices vary quite a bit from web host to web host. I'd avoid getting a website through one of these internet marketers, though. It seems they try to talk you into buying a web hosting presence for about two years through some expensive web hoster that just results in a commission for the internet marketer in addition to the product he just sold you. I've heard a bunch of nonsense about how you get ranked higher with the search engines if you buy a two-year package from a web hoster, than if you only buy in for six months, as I did. I've talked extensively to several web hosters about pricing and so on, and none of them claimed this affected your presence with search engines.Of course, once you get a website, you'll have to choose a domain name. Shop around for that as well. It should be possible to get one for around $10 or $11. And you'll also have to choose a name that someone else isn't using. I realize all this business of choosing a website and choosing a domain name is basic stuff, but I think a lot of internet marketers think you already know that stuff and take advantage of people buying their products by steering their customers into two-year deals with web hosting companies where they can earn a commission for themselves, in addition to steering customers toward companies that overcharge for domain names as well. Case in point: some internet marketers offer package deals for $97 and up, to get you in the fold, then tell you that you need their help to build the website for another $300, and then even more money to set up merchant accounts and so on, making a commission off of you at every turn. I have nothing against these guys making commissions, but too often, you can make an investment in all these things and have no idea that you still may have expenses promoting your site if you choose to go the paid advertising route.Probably the idea that you'll have to come up with your own product or products to sell, or choose an affiliate product that's selling well, are the best ideas I have for making money on the internet, and that I'm in the process of trying out. I'll write future articles about my progress as I work through the nuts and bolts of it. What irritates me the most, in trying to make some money online, is that these internet marketers all try to make it sound easy to make $10, 000 or even $100, 000 a month, when maybe a guy would just be satisfied to make his first $100 online. I have yet, in searching for several years, to find any internet marketer trying to help someone make money, actually take them from Point A, the beginning, and walking them through to Point Z, where an actual dollar flows into their PayPal or Clickbank account. It seems like most internet marketers charge you to go from Point A to Point B, then make you spend more money with them to get from Point B to Point F, and so on. There seems to be very little truth in advertising these days. What you get out of an internet marketer's product seems to be largely one of perception. I tend to be someone who wants to see results. Some of the products I've bought that had some good ideas, I've kept. I had no reservations though, demanding refunds from others who just seemed to be out to make a fast buck and had no intention of delivering on their promises.About all I hope to accomplish today is just to paint some broad strokes for getting started in the online internet marketing business. I'm convinced it can be a lucrative career without having to overpromise what your goods or services can deliver. And it seems to offer the best opportunity for making some serious money when you compare it to a part-time job, an alternative that I'm also presently enduring like a lot of other people.By Joe Cuervo - I am a big sports fan, following mostly college football and basketball. Although I am a Big 12 fan in general, and a Kansas Jayhawk fan in particular, I cheer for most of the Big 12 teams as long as they d...  

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