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It’s sky-high flying time with Skye’s High Flyin’ Copter! Swoop in and save the day with this articulated pup and vehicle combination! It’s loaded with real working wheels, extendable wings and a spinning propeller! Reach new heights with Skye and the rest of the Paw Patrol by collecting the entire line of Paw Patrol vehicles! Together, your child’s imagination will be lit up with pup inspired rescue missions full of friendship, teamwork and bravery. Choose from Chase, Marshall, Zuma, Rocky and Rubble, each with their own unique transformation! With Paw Patrol there’s no job too big and no pup too small. If danger is near just give a yelp, the Paw Patrol is here to help with Skye’s High Flyin’ Copter!

Customer Reviews

Cute little toy.

 on May 28, 2017
By nharrel
As others have said, Skye falls out of the helicopter way too easily which is frustrating to me, but my granddaughter loved it and learned to hold her in with her fingers. You also have to position Skye’s legs somewhat in order for her to stand up on a flat surface because she is front-heavy. It is a very inexpensive toy so, we shouldn’t expect too much. Also, it is gray, not silver as it appears in the picture. The side wings flip out and in and the rotor turns.

great toy, over priced, horrible shipping

3 people found this helpful.
 on March 21, 2015
By alesha
My 3 yr old is in love with paw patrol. Skye was the last pup she needed to complete the set. We have been looking everywhere and had no luck so when I found it on amazon at an OK price (and by ok I mean the toy in a store is roughly $13 and on her $24) I ordered it. Delivery was a nightmare! After overpaying for a toy it took 2 1/2 weeks to get to my house! But alls well that ends well and she absolutely loves Skye and her copter. The only real down fall with the actual toy itself is the pup is a little top heavy and tends to fall out when she is flying.

Everytime I find a great deal, I snatch it up

 on August 25, 2016
By MammaShopper
My little one loves paw patrol! As in its invading our home! Everytime I find a great deal, I snatch it up. This finally went from over $20 to a more reasonable $12. The helicopter is pretty basic – which I actually really prefer. No sounds, not super heavy. It does need the doors to open though. That’s a bummer. It rolls easily. Skye is cute, but her face is slightly pink tinted, which is different, apparently, from the other skyes we own and from the cartoon. She’s still cute, but kids notice these things. Her legs and neck move, but she’s not an action pack, that was a big oversight on my part! This would otherwise be a 4-5 star toy if it weren’t for Skye being so top heavy that she can’t stand on her own or stay in the helicopter! If i could find my packaging I would probably return it to avoid the frustration this causes toddlers. Something to thing about before purchasing!

Nice, authentic toy, though figurine is top-heavy, so it falls out of the vehicle all the time

 on December 2, 2016
By audreyofdc

This pup’s gotta fly

 on October 23, 2015
By d808
My girls are really into Paw Patrol at the moment, and the Skye helicopter is one of their favorite vehicles in this set.

Skye is my daughter’s favorite, and I’ve been disappointed that this seems to …

 on January 26, 2016
By Mrs Snips
Skye is my daughter’s favorite, and I’ve been disappointed that this seems to be the most poorly made of the Paw Patrol characters. Skye is so top heavy that she literally cannot stand up in the helicopter if you move it a centimeter. I’ve tried moving her legs to different positions, turning her head to the side, etc, and nothing will keep her standing up if you so much as breathe on her. It’s made it a bit difficult for play, as Skye often ends up piloting her helicopter upside down, as that’s her heaviest part and the only way to keep her in the copter while my daughter flies it around the room. I can get her to stand up on the stationary Lookout Tower, as long as no one touches the tower or any other thing in it. That being said, if your child is a really big Skye fan, I doubt that would keep you from purchasing her.

Very sturdy product for little kids!

 on February 19, 2016
By MrsC_Fisher
I bought this almost a year ago, and my 4 year old is very rough with his toys. This helicopter is strong, for crashing and having kids pull on the parts. We haven’t had to replace any of the Paw Patrol vehicles yet, and I don’t see us having too either. These products are worth the prices! You will not have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

Great product

 on May 8, 2017
By Catherine
My son “collects” all of the Paw Patrol figurines and this is one of his favorites. It came quickly and packaged well. He loves it and is pretty rough with it and it is still in great condition. I have zero complaints…and I’m sure he doesn’t either.

Skye fits on the Paw Patroller

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 on February 28, 2016
By Heather R.
My son was very happy to receive this gift, since it fits on the helipad of the paw patroller, which I didn’t realize could have been an issue. The Paw Patroller does not say which figures fit properly on the stupid thing and it’s easy to have the wrong one. This particular skye doesn’t do anything, just sits in her helicopter, and the rungs do spin around when you push them. I was happy to find this at a normal price during Christmas because it was out of stock in stores all over the place. I was not about to pay $30 for this darn thing, but jumped on the chance when it was available for normal price. Not sure what other info you might need since if you’re looking at this online, you want to see if your kid will like it and it fits on the Paw Patroller: 1. Yes, they’ll like it if they like Paw Patrol, and 2. It DOES fit on the Paw Patroller

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