Boppy Contoured Pregnancy Wedge

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The Boppy Contoured Pregnancy Wedge is a firm, versatile cushion for back and belly support. Developed in collaboration with a physical therapist, the contoured design cradles mom's belly for comfortable sleep. Its lightweight and portable design means mom can put it where she wants it. The removable slipcover is machine washable.

The unique contoured design follows the body line to support neck, belly, back, and hips

Lightweight and Portable
The Boppy Cuddle Pillow is a small cushion to support back and belly. It offers the comfort mom needs wherever mom goes because it is lightweight and portable.
Machine-Washable Pillow
The Boppy Contoured Pregnancy Wedge is covered in a durable fabric made from cotton in a sweet print that protects the pillow and extends its life. For easy cleaning, the removable slipcover is machine washable.
The Boppy Contoured Pregnancy Wedge measures 4 x 15 x 12 inches (H x W x D).
About Boppy: Essential Items for Parents and Babies
The Boppy brand started 25 years ago with a young mom who designed the C-shaped Boppy Pillow to prop and support babies at her daughter's day care center. The pillow became a staple for new parents as a comfortable way to bottle- or breast-feed babies. The Boppy brand has expanded to include indispensable items like the two-sided nursing pillow, prenatal pillows, head supports, nursing covers, shopping cart covers, activity mats, and changing pads as well as a wide variety of slipcovers for the Boppy Pillow.
What's in the Box The Boppy Contoured Pregnancy Wedge

Boppy Prenatal Collection

Slipcovered Body Pillow

Cuddle Pillow

Contoured Pregnancy Wedge


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Customer Reviews

So glad I bought this!

4 people found this helpful.
 on January 3, 2014
By SarinPunk
I had originally purchased a Snoogle and hated it- it was big and bulky, and I couldn’t really get it under my belly where I needed the extra support. I started using the Boppy Wedge around 6 months (I’m now 8 months along) and I love it! It’s small enough that it doesn’t take up much room, it’s light-weight so it’s easy to reposition in the middle of the night, but it’s large enough to give my growing belly the support it needs. One side is flat and the other side has a slight indent for your belly. And because it’s wedge-shaped, you decide how much you need under your belly, which you can’t do with a regular pillow. It was even small enough to easily fit in my suitcase when I traveled during the holidays. I love my wedge!

Firm tummy support

 on October 19, 2014
By Aliza Hausman
This wedge offers firm support for your pregnancy belly. Some might not like the firmness but I thought it was perfect. I really liked the removable, washable pillow cover. I thought it was much better made than the Boppy Cuddle Pillow though I would not expect high quality as you would be disappointed!

Just what I was hoping for!!

 on January 18, 2015
By An Amazon Prime Member
This pillow is fabulous. It’s thicker and firmer than the previous model Boppy wedge pillow, which is great for larger bellies like mine. I wonder if the negative reviews were from women with smaller bumps, because I can see how it might be considered too firm or uncomfortable if you’re smaller. Anyway, this pillow is perfect for me. I was really uncomfortable sleeping on my side with my older wedge pillows (I have two and had to stack them because they finally went flat after using for multiple pregnancies), but this one gives great support and allowed me to get a good night’s sleep. I highly recommend it!

I wanted to like this..

 on June 15, 2015
By L. Belo
This wedge was so uncomfortable and hard. Between knees it kept sliding and under belly it hurt so I’ve donated it to chartiy. Ended up with a DreamGenii which is a lot softer..

Nice supportive small pillow.

 on June 3, 2014
By Ryan Halas
Bought this product for my wife who is now 8 months pregnant. She has used it every night along with her snoogle and multiple other pillows… leaving little room for me.

worked great for earlier in my pregnancy when I had a …

 on March 26, 2015
By Keri
worked great for earlier in my pregnancy when I had a big stomach but not full stomach (my baby protruded pretty much straight out all from about 5 months and it was really uncomfortable to lay on my side as the weight of my belly would pull at my hips and sides). Now at 8-9 months my belly is much fuller all around, so I don’t need this as side support nearly as much… but yes would recommend for anyone with similar issues!

However 20 weeks now and no longer comfortable sleeping with weight on my belly

 on February 22, 2015
By Amazon Customer
Was not sure about this when I got it. seemed to steep and uncomfortable for this typical belly sleeper. However 20 weeks now and no longer comfortable sleeping with weight on my belly. This is now very comfortable and im so glad to have it. The angle is perfect to support my growing belly, align my spine and keep me comfortably on my side.

It worked pretty well in my mound of pillows

 on August 25, 2014
By Amazon Customer
I got this to put under my back so I could sleep on my back while I was pregnant. It worked pretty well in my mound of pillows. However, it never worked where it was supposed to: under the belly while on your side. It never worked there. But, I used it when I was sitting up to aid my lower back and I took it with me to the hospital and used it to sleep on while I was in labor.

Great pillow

One person found this helpful.
 on January 19, 2014
By Sarah A. Reuss
I was having a lot of rib pain, I imagine from my belly pulling on the muscles in my back. This pillow has completely relieved that pain and let me go back to three consecutive hours of sleep I am accustomed to during pregnancy.

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