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I Will Lose Weight Weight Loss Plan

Weight Loss And Health Questions Answered By Alex Rogers (Weight Loss Expert)

I Will Lose WeightHere I will answer all your questions about weight loss, weight gain, exercise, diets, and supplements. I give straight forward and honest answers that are not directed at selling your something. I do this because the weight loss industry is a fad driven industry. Unfortunately it is also very fraud driven. Here is goes...Question.I have very thick thighs. I need help losing like 6 inches in my thighs in about 3 weeks. I am going to the beach and I need to wear a bikini. My upper body is in good shape. Help I need a exercise plan that burns fat in 3 weeks. Thank youAnswerYour diet is going to be THE most important factor in reducing your bodyfat. Remember that you cannot spot fat reduce. If you want to lose weight you need to reduce your calories. Plain and simple. It all boils down to will power. Eat natural, eat a lot of protein, and eat your vegetables. For exercise, you want to avoid the zombie-like treadmill exercises. Instead use free weights like barbells and dumbells. High rep of 12 to 20 and 5 sets. Short rests between sets. 90 seconds the most. Good Luck.Question.Can you get abs without exercising?Answer Yes you can get abs without exercise. This is how the infomercials try to fool you. They try to sell you ab machines and all these other crazy machines. But in reality if you have a high bodyfat percentage all the exercises in the world will not help your abs show. In order to have your abs exposed you need to drop your bodyfat to a certain percentage. For men, its usually 6% and lower. For women its 10% or lower. Get your body fat down to this low and your abs will show....without exercise!QuestionHow do I lose weight in my lower abs? I do tons of cardio and lots of exercises for abs. I eat a lot of good food. Should I drink a whey protein shake with it? How can I get lower abs?AnswerSeems like your doing good you just need to keep doing what you are doing. Keep lowering your body fat and your lower abs will come through. However you want to consider doing leg lifts. Lie on your back with your legs straight. Lift your feet up to the sky so they are vertical and then lower them back down slowly. Do 25 or more reps for 5 sets, twice per week. You'll feel the lower abs working for sure. Good Luck.QuestionI'm on my school wresting team. I'm 18. I taking supplements such as whey protein, creatine, and some oils. I completely ran out of my protein and I need to buy more. I want to buy three. What is the best proteins to buy and should I buy a pre workout? It seems everyone is using them.AnswerThe best protein to buy is a whey isolate. You should be able to go online and find yourself a whey protein isolate 5lbs for around $50.00. Just look for something that says "whey protein isolate" and that is about it. Google "best whey protein" and you'll find some good ones. For the creatine you only want to buy creapure brand. This is the only creatine NOT made in China. Finally for pre workout do not use them. These just contain large doses of caffeine. Caffeine however releases cortisol (a catabolic hormone) and helps you maintain fat. Instead fuel up with carbs such as natural food (nuts, juice, banana, apple). Would you take a long car drive without gas? Well your body is the same thing.QuestionI constantly feel tired and fall asleep a lot. It does not matter even if I take a nap or how good I eat...what's going on?Answer.I think you answered the question yourself. You need to eat healthy. Make sure you avoid sugar and high glycemic carbs.QuestionWill this help me lose weight? I am taking in about 1500 calories a day. Will it help if I go for a walk everyday for about 30 minutes, do some zumba, and some workouts for my butt, legs, and stomach?Answer First you cannot spot fat reduce. You can focus on building muscle in those areas you want to improve but certain exercises will not make you lose fat in those areas. To answer you question any form of exercise will help your fat loss goals. The walking you plan to do will help. If you want to improve you glutes you'll have to build muscle. The best exercise for you butt is the barbell squat. It is probably the least preformed exercise in the gym because it is the hardest. But it is also the most effective. Doing 5 to 7 sets of barbell squats will drastically improve your legs and glutes. Just make sure you preform them correctly. Go to Youtube and you'll find them preformed right (hopefully)QuestionAm I doing everything to lose weight? I weigh 200lbs and want to get back into shape. I started exercising, doing abs, and not eating candy and junk food anymore. Is this the best way to lose weight? Please I need some good expert advice.AnswerThe best way to lose weight is to eat healthy. Losing weight is all about will power. It is simple as that. Being able to eat protein, vegetables, and healthy fats day after day after day. It is not easy. For exercise you want to find something that you enjoy doing. Sports, dance, or whatever. However find something that will make you really sweat. Meaning train with intensity. The harder you workout, the faster you'll lose the weight. Working out and not trying hard just doesn't make any sense. If you don't like to sweat and feel the pain of the burn...well then you better be prepared to eat really strict, because you're going to have a hard time losing the weight. Finally build muscle as well.By Alex Rogers - Born in 1973. Graduated from Rider University in 1995. Founded in 1998. He is a an expert formulator of sports nutrition products and weight loss foods. He is an author of a book calle...  

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