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What's the best blog hosting site? (Answers: 1) (Comments: 0)
What's the best blog hosting site out there? A while ago I used to have one up but I never really used it, but lately I've decided I want to get back into it. What's a good site where you can easily interact with others? I've heard of blogger, wordpress, livejournal, tumblr, etc. Which would you pick and why? Ha, let's see if anyone's even on now. It's 11:18 on the east coast. :P

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What's the best blog host? (Answers: 3) (Comments: 0)
I have a blog hosted at Blogger and I was wondering if there's anything better. I rather like Livejournal and even created one (though I never posted anything) but the amount of advertising annoys me. I'd like something that allows people to comment without having an account, optionally using some other account (like Facebook) and that makes it possible for you to reply to the comments. Thank you!

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Best blog host? (Answers: 3) (Comments: 0)
im a blogspot user, but im now sick of using them as ive had problem after problem. Can someone tell me of a host that is similar to blogger, as in, same user friendly concept, good style ect. No wordpress please.

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