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5 Ways To Make Money From Home

Perhaps you are looking to top up your current or existing income or perhaps you are looking to earn more money from home. Whatever the reason for that extra bit of money working at home is most peoples dream!

Here are a few ways you can make money from home.

1. ARTICLE WRITING. If you like writing then article writing could be ideal for you. If you feel you have a good grammatical and vocabulary knowledge then this might be right up your alley or street.

You could write articles for magazines, blogs, websites, article directories and much more. Research opportunities both online and offline and find something to suit both you and your needs and wants. Please remember not to fall foul to work at home--get rich quick schemes, these just don't work and you will end up losing both your time and money.

2. PAINT AND SELL YOUR OWN ARTWORK. If you are a little bit creative then why not design, paint and sell your own artwork. You could sell your masterpieces from home, online or at local galleries. Create and sell work from your own blog/s and website/s. Another alternative to this money making idea is that you could work on commission for small businesses for example. You could create commission based pieces for anyone and everyone to earn you extra income and supplement your earnings.

3. WRITE AND SELL YOUR OWN BOOKS AND EBOOKS. You could make money by writing, producing and selling your own physical and paper based books. Sell your products both online and offline and through your local media and press. An alternative to writing and selling your own books and products could be that you work and act as a ghost-writer, whereby you get paid to write on behalf of someone else. Advertise your services in local directories as well as online and offline directories.

4. START YOUR OWN MAIL ORDER or HOME PARTY BUSINESS. Buy and sell items through/by mail. You could either start your own small home based mail order business--party plan business or you could work for more of a well known companies/brands and earn commission for every party you host, for products you sell and so on.

5. BE A FREELANCE PHOTOGRAPHER. If you enjoy taking pictures then this could be the perfect opportunity for you as you could get paid to do something you enjoy. You could photograph individuals, or perhaps you could work for a number of small businesses on commission. Why not give this a go, try it out, build up a portfolio of pictures and photos alongside prices and get out there and find some paid work and opportunities.

PLEASE REMEMBER that these opportunities and ideas will not make you rich overnight, they are not guaranteed ways to get rich, as always with anything and everything you need to put in the time, work and effort to see any substantial and worthwhile results. Don't fall foul to get rich quick schemes, remember that if it looks to good to be true it probably is.

Good luck with earning extra income--money from home. I wish you every success.

By L J Pearce - Entrepreneur, Personal finance writer and business owner who has over 10 years business experience.Interested in and always working on creating multiple online and offline income streams.Certificate in B...  

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