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4 Ways To Make Money Online

Making money online is fun and flexible, you can do it around your current commitments, full time, part time, in the mornings, when the kids are at school, when you are studying and so on.... BUT pleaseDon't be fooled, making money online is not as easy as some experts claim, it will and does take time, patience, planning and preparation but more often that not you will over time see the results of your labour and hard work, so please stick with it.

Here are a few ways you can make money online

1. Create your own squidoo lenses, create squidoo lenses on anything and everything from your pets to your local charity/non profit organisation. Earn money through Google ad sense, being an affiliate for products and services and by adding modules such as Amazon, caf press and zazzle.

2. Make money with articles, make money by writing good keyword, content rich articles, look at for opportunities to submit your articles to article directories, blogs and niche websites.

A quick note: Making money online is easy when you know how, or so they say, but you must always be careful as there will always be someone out there who is more than happy to take away your hard earned money from you in exchange for those *Google ad sense secrets* so take care and be cautious just as you would in the offline world.

3. Get blogging, make money by creating your own blog (web log) Choose a topic, interest, passion or hobby that you enjoy reading and writing about and then create your own blog. You can create a blog for free at and make money by adding modules and applications such as Google ad sense for content, Google ad sense for search and much more.

4. Start your own business, this doesn't have to be a massive business it could be a part time business, a weekend business or just a seasonal business. Find a niche, research what there is and what there isn't out there on the internet and fill the gaps while making money at the same time.

5. Be an affiliate, make money by selling other peoples/businesses products and services on behalf of them and make a commission in the process. Use a blog, website, squidoo lens or similar to introduce your target market/audience to the products you are selling and to get them to buy. Don't shove things down peoples throats instead get to know people who are visiting your website, get to know your potential customers, build trust and relationships and over time you will get the results and success you desire/deserve.

I hope that you have found this article both useful and helpful. Good luck with making money online, I wish you every success.

By L J Pearce - Entrepreneur, Personal finance writer and business owner who has over 10 years business experience.Interested in and always working on creating multiple online and offline income streams.Certificate in B...  

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