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How To Blog And Make Money

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How To Blog And Make Money Earn Money From Your Blog

How To Blog And Make Money Online At The Same Time

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Blogging, what exactly am i supposed to talk about? (Answers: 2) (Comments: 0)
I want to start blogging for fun and also for a bit of money making. I have obviously Googled the subject as that's how i usually get my answers, but for some reason I'm having trouble getting the answers I'm trying to find about blogging. I was thinking about using my blogs to help people with random things I know about. For instance, I've built a computer, so I could write about how to go about doing that, or I play guitar, I could write helpful basics such as scales or tunings. I skate so i could write about how to start or do a heelflip or something simple. BUT my question is, after i write about those few things that I'm good at or know about, then what the heck do i write about? I don't want to write about boring daily things, I want to help other people with things i know about, but that only goes so far.. and the sites that I have read say to just keep writing about the same topic or whatever, some even say to write a few blogs a day. But I just don't know enough information for that type of writing. And lastly, I was supposing that I would make my little bits of money by putting up ads about what I talked about (and later doing affiliate stuff), but does that actually work? that doesn't even make sense Mildred, how am i going to scam myself by writing blogs. I'm only going to care about someones opinion if they give me reason to care lol so help me out.

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How do I make money from my blog? (Answers: 3) (Comments: 0)
I started a blog. Most of my entries are about some of stories of my life and some things i have really strong opinions on that some people may or may not agree with. If I wanted to make money off my blog should I keep writing about what I am writing about now or start writing about more formal stuff?

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How to blog and make money fast? (Answers: 2) (Comments: 0)
Whats the fastest way?

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