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Free Keyword Research Tool

If you re looking for a great online keyword research tool you need to read this Article. I am going to let you know about a new free great online keyword research tool. In you can look for those keywords and keyword phrases that may give the maximum online exposure. These keywords and keyword phrases can be used to create articles in AssociatedContent or in any other web-writing site. Keywords and keyword phrases are based on Wordtracker one of the most known keyword research tool in the online web world.

One you are on the landing page of this tool, scroll down the page and enter a keyword or keyword phrase to research. You make a broad search or a focused one. The keyword research tool will provide you with a long list of keywords.

A nice addition to this keyword tool is the Checkbox for 'Include Adult Terms'. By default, this box is checked, meaning that X-rated terms will show up in your results. If you do not want to see them uncheck 'Include Adult Terms' before you click Submit.

Also start with the search for singular keyword or keyword phrases. The tool will give both the plural and the singular keyword. For example if you type in flower and submit then you get flower arrangement (singular), flower arrangements (plural), online flower, online flowers (etc).

After you submit your word search on this free research tool, you will get a page full of keywords and related keyword phrases. Look at the left side of the screen. You will see a 'Wordtracker Count' and the Google Daily Estimate column, and the Overall Daily Estimate column, which are very useful to establish the estimated number of people who search daily on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

You can narrow your search in you started a brad search. For example. Let say you typed computer and you got thousands of keyword (too broad) then you need to narrow it down. To do that scan down the list and look for something more target more niche, for example, make your own computer, then you have found something more targeted. By clicking over make your own computer you will get a short narrowed list of keywords related to your main keyword phrase.

This keyword suggestion tool is an easy to use keyword research tool. You can get quick results and many possibilities for your article writing SEO optimization.

By R. Bourne, Ph.D. - Ph.D. Food and Nutrition. MBA. R. Bourne writes mainly about Health and Wellness, Alternative Medicine and Healing, Nutrition, Dieting and Food Science and Technology. He has been writing online content...  

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