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What Are The Best Affiliate Products To Promote

Many people allow you to promote their products as affiliates today. Just look at the bottom of the page and see if the word "affiliate" is present. If it is the site you are on will pay you to promote their products on the web.

However, not all affiliate programs are created equal, just as not all people are honest. So what are the best affiliate products to promote?

Therefore, if you are going to promote affiliate products, I personally recommend that you go with tried and true services rather than taking your chance with an unknown. But if you find an unknown that fits incredibly well with your niche then perhaps a cross between of more stable verse less known would be a good option.

Whatever the case, before you decide which affiliates you will or will not use there are a couple of tricks that you might want to know about.

First, Google will tell you who have affiliate programs available. So let's say your niche was birdhouses, simply enter the following into Google without the brackets.

In this case I found over 2 million results. This will work with any niche in any market. The results that appear organically on the first page of results are likely to be more reputable than those further down in the Google search engine results.

When considering affiliate promotions send your prospective client an Email asking a very specific question about their services. Those that respond in a timely fashion will likely also respond in the same manner to people you send their direction. No matter how good or bad a product may be, the level of support available can indeed mean the difference between night and day.

If you really want to be seen as a credible affiliate marketer, invest in the product that you want to promote. If it really is as good as you think it is you will get your money back ten fold. However, if the product fails to meet expectations of the purchaser your name will be mud. So your very reputation banks on providing good affiliate products to your audience. Perhaps this is one of many reasons that the FTC has gotten personally involved with making sure people are more honest and reputable than they have been in the past.

One final point and then I'll disclose some excellent sources for finding your best affiliate product to promote.

Let's say you have a site that focuses on motorboats but you discover the best affiliate product for cosmetics bar none. Before you start dumping a bunch of cosmetic ads on your motorboat site keep in mind that people are coming to your site for water sports not makeup. No matter how good your affiliate program may be, if it does not directly fit with the niche you are trying to reach it will be out of place.

Never was this a truer fact than when I was working with my healthy chocolate Website recently. I found this cool Chocolate University site that teaches people to become chocolate experts.

That fits right?

Not exactly, the people who are coming to my healthy chocolate Website are also concerned about health not just chocolate. Once I discovered what I was doing I was forced to completely rethink my strategy and find other more appropriate affiliates just as you should with your own projects.

Okay, with that said here is three answers to the question of "what are the best affiliate products to promote"

  • Google Adsense [They tailor their ads to fit the content on your Website]

As for myself, a personal favorite of mine is Micro Niche Finder. It's listed with a free video above. I've seen this product available for several years before I bought it myself last month. My biggest grief with their product is why I waited so long to buy it. When looking for the right keywords for any project it simply is the best tool I personally have found for success on the Web.

By Guy Siverson - I love social networking with a focus on Twitter though FaceBook, MySpace & YouTube are also found as weapons within my web-marketing arsenal. I also answer questions regularly on Yahoo Answers and provide...  

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