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How To Write And Sell Your First E-book

Writing e-books can really boost your on line income. Also, if you can find a market for them, you can sell them over and over again through electronic downloads or create your own e-book store. If you are a prolific enough writer with enough content to where you feel confident enough to make a go at writing your first E-book, the following steps can greatly help you achieve success.

Just as you would write an article for Associated Content, you do not want to write a giant ad. As you probably know, readers are put off by these and they feel that the writer will say anything to sell them content. Instead, make it informative as if you were writing instructions to a friend that you really care about. The topics that are good for e-books would be the same that would sell well on Associated Content. Your first e-book could be a collection of all your articles.

Keep the e-book simple, yet professional. Fancy designs and charts may look good on a power point presentation but they won't impress web surfers. Make sure it's easy to navigate with an easy to follow table of contents.

Take the time to do real research. There is so much content out there that rehashing other people's content through lazy on line research will not make your e-book standout. If you really do your own, original research, your content will appear more unique and more authentic to the reader, especially if it comes from hands on experience.

Even if you are not a talented writer, if you have the ability to gather, organize and outline valuable information along with a list of resources that have tangible value to the average person, you could have a seller. Remember, you are not writing an essay for your literature class. People want tutorials and instructions, not lectures.

A Lot of e-book sites or e-book related websites will try and make money by selling you e-book wizards or templates that claim to allow you to mass produce e-books. These are a complete waste of money. All you need is your Microsoft word and Adobe Acrobat. Once you have your e-book written, simply paste it into acrobat and properly format it. Then you have your file that you can e-mail after you sell it.

If you are looking to generate an e-mail list of subscribers to your blog or ezine, always have an e-book handy as a gift for someone who wishes to be placed on your opt in list. You're very first e-book should probably be a giveaway just to test the waters, anyway. If you find that you get a lot of subscribers or e-book downloads from your website you will know you've got a winner and you may have found a niche and should start marketing it heavily.

In promoting your e-book, have it in on your website and put a link to it in your outgoing e-mail signatures. You may even want to create a separate web page for it and perhaps open a store on yahoo shopping where you can submit your e-book to product submit. Think about, you could create an executable file in the Yahoo product catalog, have it in Yahoo shopping, and people could buy it again and again infinitely without you having to lift a finger, buy inventory, or reproduce anything. Ebay no longer allows the selling of e-books electronically, but if you have a really unique topic and sell it on a CD through mail you could get a lot of bids. I opened a pro-store through Ebay and sell some of my e-books in CD format in the store.

One attraction for e-book buyers is offering reprint rights to the buyer. Once you publish something, you automatically have the copyright. However, if you mention in writing that you have master resell writes there are a lot of shoppers looking to buy e-books that they can turn around and resell. If you do this, just mention that they have the reprint rights as long as they keep your name, contact information, and website URL, e-zine, etc. at the bottom. If your e-book becomes a big seller, you'll have lots of resellers out there spreading the word about you, your e-book writing prowess, and your website around the world.

Signing up to become a publisher and offering affiliates a percentage for every e-book they help sell could have swarms of affiliate marketers working hard for you to advertise and sell your e-book. If you're e-book is really a hot seller, you can go to and they'll turn it into a hardcover or soft cover book for free and sell it on Amazon for royalties!

Bottom line: as long as your e-book is informative, fun, and easy to read it can be a great money maker.

By Peter R -

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