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Using " Key Words" To Make Money. You Need To Use The Right Approach To Search: Jane Lynch

UPDATE: I tried a little experiment to see if key words frequency really triggers page views and I am disappointed to report that quite honestly they don't! It is content driven.

My conclusion is based on this fact: While I had hundreds of people view my article on the 99ers and unemployment,

I had only a handful that found their way here.

So I am pretty sure that Google is being honest when it states that it does not allow key words to drive traffic and promote possible spam sites.

As I mentioned in my earlier editorial,

I am no Internet genius and I am like other mature writers searching for the magic secret to climbing the ladder on google searches.

I suppose I could spend all week writing about Jane Lynch. Jane Lynch happens to be a big topic on the yahoo search list.

I am trying to keep it simple as possible for those of you who are as confused about Internet marketing and featuring writing as I am. Rather than get overwelmed with information let's start with this basic idea. Key words are important and they can help you climb higher in searches on the major engines such as google, bing, yahoo, and others. Even Jane Lynch could do it!

This is part two of my experiment with the key words search engine and celebrities like Jane Lynch who might improve my ranking .

Following the suggestion of other Associated Content writers I am watching the words I use and searching for popular words when I post my article.

Here's where you can find a key word popularity chart.

I have been experimenting with using certain" key words" and repeating them within my article so google search engines will get the message and know what I am wriitng about. I am wriitng about making money through improving the number of people clicking to find celebrities like Jane Lynch.

Oh by the way, the reason Jane Lynch is so popular is that she is hosting SNL soon. I can't wait as I watch Jane Lynch every week on the televsion show " Glee"

There. Are you getting my point? Now, I may be totally wrong and having popular key words like Jane Lynch may not work for you.

But we will see and I will let you know how I made out with my new technique for making money by increasing my web clicks.

Thanks and I hope you get as wealthy as Jane Lynch. LOL.

By Marie McGill - Marie McGill often roams the streets of Hollywood via film festivals seeking new material for writers and producers.  

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