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10 Free Business Tools On The Web

When running a business online or off, there are many factors to consider and many things to do to help grow your business. I have gathered a list of ten of my favorite free tools and websites that offer free tools and have decided to share them.

1. ( Here you can utilize free SEO tools, a keyword analysis tools, check your ranks with popular search engines, and even look up domain names for free, and also get a free list of web hosting companies to consider.

2. ( This website will help you figure out how popular your link is with their "Link Popularity Tool". Also useful is their "Search Engine Saturation" and "Keyword Vreification". they also offer a variety of SEO tools.

3. ( On this site, you can use the free sitemaps generator tool.

4.Free Downloadable Purchase Order ( If your company does not have software that prints up purchase orders, this can be a very valuable tool. A purchase order helps you keep track of items purchased from a vendor. This really comes in handy for retail locations or companies that handle an inventory of other supplies, like office equipment, that is generally received by employees, rather than the owner or accountant. Once an order is received, the paperwork can be either faxed, emailed, or given by hand to the accountant.

5. The Employee-Run-Budget Worksheet ( This worksheet will help employees to better handle the budget by utilizing simple organization tactics.

6. Employment Application ( With this handy application, hiring your employees just got easier. Now you won't have to spend hours trying to figure out how to design an application and what to include or leave out.

7. Workplace Safety Tool ( Is your workplace a safe environment for you and your employees and customers? Use this to help you determine just that.

8. Free website submission tool ( This was designed for residents of Canada, but it also includes US search engines like Google, so if you're not Canadian, it is still worth using.

9. Business Owner's Toolkit ( From selling your products to utilizing the US government, this free business owner's toolkit is a must-have for serious business owners.

10. Buzgate ( This website has business information, tools, and articles to help you run your business smoothly. If you have something to contribute, you can also submit it to the site.

By Y! Lyn - Lyn Lomasi is the Community Advocate at Yahoo! Contributor Network. Email her with community issues & ideas ( Read her tips for success on the official Yahoo! Contributor Netwo...  

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