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Keywords And SEO, Like Bullets And A Gun

Bullets and a Gun. An odd analogy for SEO maybe, but an important one. Getting SEO to work with either little or poor choice in keywords is completely ineffectual. You may get some small bump in stats, but no real effect. You could also gain something by throwing an empty gun or using a slingshot for the bullets. Some effect, but nothing close to the raw power of Keywords and SEO when used as a team. It all revolves around Keyword Research.

What is keyword research? There is a lot of important stuff to go with answering that question, so I will go fast. A keyword is a word or phrase that will help a page rank in organic search results on search engine results pages (like Google). Therefore a keyword is your best -free- way to get your site noticed.

Keywords and SEO

For now there are lots of ways to get a site ranked. This process of doing the little things to get a site ranking well on Google (ignore the rest-everyone else does) is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). One of the major parts of SEO is using keywords with the proper frequency and placement. Of course before you need to know how to use them you need to know the answer to our question, "what is keyword research". So, let's get on with it:

What is Keyword Research?

What is desirable in keywords?

Keyword research is trying to find keywords that a page will be able to rank on well. The first desire is for decent and beatable competition on the first page of Google results. The second desire is to have a decent amount of daily traffic looking for the specific keywords you want to use. The third desire is that those keywords are based on ideas (niches) where people want to BUY things.

How do you do keyword research?

There are many ways to go about doing it. Everyone has their own favorite tools here are some of the best:

Wordtracker: This tool lets you look up keywords and find out how popular they are. Check out the competition search to see how touch your competition may be. It has a ton of options and it is wonderful for finding those great keywords. It is a pay product, but it does have a free trial.

Google Adwords: Simply put it is THE free tool for keyword research. There are others that complement it, but nothing free comes close.

Market Samurai: My personal Favorite. It is another free one. -A 30 day free trial too- Go to the "dojo" and watch the videos (free). It teaches a ton about keyword research and some about using Market Samurai. It is a very cool tool that will do everything you want except wash your dishes.

By Gene Patterson - Gene is a 20 year naval veteran. He is an avid reader. SInce retirement he makes a living as an SEO, blogger and web designer.  

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