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How To Find Niche Marketing Ideas

Finding a niche marketing idea is an extremely important first step if you are interested in pursuing internet marketing. Competition abounds and unless you have the resources of a fortune 500 company, odds are, you will get out muscled and out ranked for those high volume keywords we all want a piece of. However, there are ways to get a piece of those markets without taking everyone on head first all at the same time. by doing a little market research, any internet market can find a small and profitable niche that will suit their needs. All it takes is a little research. So what are some ways that an internet marketer can find a niche to settle in? Here are a handful of ways. As you will see, some are product based niches others are search based niches.

ClickBank. If you are familiar with internet marketing or affiliate marketing, then you are probably familiar with ClickBank. ClickBank is a repository of informational products that have, essentially, been created with a niche marketing idea in mind. Much of the research has already been done. Go to ClickBank and browse through the product listings and find one that you would feel comfortable writing about or one that you would like to promote. It is as simple as that. A little keyword and competition research and you are ready to go.

Amazon. Everybody who has a computer with an internet connection knows who Amazon is. Amazon is one of the worlds largest online retailers and have products that cover every niche and micro-niche available. As in the case of ClickBank, all you have to do is browse the categories for a product that you would like to promote and one that you could write about. Again, if you find a product you are interested in, you can perform keyword and competition research and if the numbers show that this is a niche worth pursuing, then go for it.

YAHOO Answers. YAHOO answers usually contains information for the layman. The only difference is that actual questions are being asked. This is a great place to find "potential" niches. I use the word "potential" because of the fact that niches "discovered" here are not necessarily profitable. Many of the questions asked cannot be monetized, so if an internet marketer goes here to search for a niche, then they will have to first check to see if money can be made in the niche they are thinking exists before moving to keyword and competition research.

Google Insights. With Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties. Google Insights is somewhat similar to YAHOO Answers in that you are gathering information from actual dialogue. This means that you are observing actual search query data as a means to search for trends in information search similar to the way that you are browsing questions in YAHOO Answers. In both of these cases you are looking for niche markets that have not proven themselves as profitable, unlike ClickBank and Amazon. Proceed with caution.

Keyword Research. Keyword research is a must. If you are going to write articles and use them to market your affiliate product or website, then you must make sure that your time is not going to be wasted. The only real way to do this is to use the Google Keyword Research Tool and obtain an estimate of how much traffic a particular keyword is getting. I prefer keywords with 1000-5000 local searches per month. If you find a handful that get a decent amount of traffic, then open up the Google search engine home page and enter them in the search form to check the competition.

Competition. Competition research is just as important as keyword research. Google is nice enough to tell webmasters and internet marketers how many pages they will be competing with. Just as too little keyword traffic would yield wasted efforts, so to would too much competition. Personally, I prefer a search term with less than 100, 000 competing pages. Search terms with this amount or less can be dominated with a reasonable amount of effort.

Driving traffic is not difficult, but it does take hard work. One of the easiest ways to drive traffic is to launch a blog. Once you site is up, write unique articles related to your niche and post them to your blog. Syndicate your blog posts by submitting them to article directories with resource links that point back to your blog. Monetization is a simple as listing the product for sale in your header as a click-able hop-link or picture.

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