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Guide To Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is often touted as a difficult set of methods used to increase a website's overall search engine rankings. Entire industries have sprung up over the course of the years dedicated to providing website owners with SEO services. While some of these SEO services are effective, others run a shady game.

One of the most overlooked talking points when it comes to search engine optimization is that the average website owner can do most of the main elements that will result in higher rankings - that means there's no need to hire SEO firms or specialists to gain fantastic results.

If you're ready to learn and willing to try a few of the techniques explained in this article, your website will begin to climb the search engine rankings:

Before you begin: Keyword optimization

Your keyword selection will be one of the most important decisions you make for search engine optimization. In short, use free keyword tools readily available online and type in keywords related to each topic you plan to write about. Generate a list of keywords and view the overall competition for each; write all of these keywords down and you'll pretty much be set to start working on your SEO.

Factor 1: On-page optimization

The first main factor that you must understand to improve your search engine rankings are the on-page optimization factors.

On-page optimization are various elements located on an individual page of your website such as the title, description, content, anchor links, header and various other tags located within the HTML of your page.

The main focus for on-page optimization is to ensure that your website (and pages) use proper HTML coding to gain the full benefit of SEO; be sure to hire a developer that understands SEO and standard web practices to ensure your website is optimized for on-page SEO.

Factor 2: Content creation

After you're comfortable with your on-page optimization, it's time to start creating content. Despite every other element of SEO, writing great content is the most important because it gives people a reason to visit your website, search engines to index you and increases your chance to build off-page optimization (explained next).

Starting from the top: write your title so it not only appeals to search engines (using your keywords specific to your page) but also that it entices internet users to click through and share. Next, write your content naturally as if you're speaking to a direct individual (your audience) but also be sure to include your keywords and phrases through the body. Finally, if you're linking out or using other forms of media, include the alt and title tags with your keywords and phrases.

Following these guidelines, your content will be SEO-friendly.

Factor 3: Off-page optimization

Finally, off-page optimization are all the other factors that help your website rank within search engines; the main factor of these are your backlinks. Although many SEO "experts" will tell you PageRank and Alexa rank are major factors; your website can still rank at the top of search engines through enough backlinks, on-page optimization and keyword selection.

It's best to build backlinks naturally through others linking to your content but you can also do so manually by submitting your content to social bookmarking sites, writing articles pointing back to your website or guest posting on blogs within your niche.

The key to link building is to find relevant websites with higher value so you gain a greater value for your own backlink.


It may seem ridiculous but there are really just three main factors that come to search engine optimization. Of course, there are a lot of additional elements of SEO but if the average website owner could master these three aspects they will have no need to seek out SEO services from other individuals until they're trying to take on the "big dogs" in their niche.

By Murray Lunn - Hey! It's Murray from - I like to write about online business, marketing and more.  

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