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Introduction To Getting Your Website To The Front Page Of Google Rankings

If you have just built a website for your business or are in the process of vamping up your existing site, there are some things you need to know if you want your site to be on the first page of Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

How to get on the first page of Google is not very difficult, and, depending on your skills, free. You must first learn a few things about SEO (search engine optimization), how to find the best keywords or key phrases, and how to place them in your site for the maximum results.

SEO Your Web Site If your site was designed by someone else, they may have already search engine optimized your site; ask them if they did. If they didn't, then you are going to need them to do that for you, take on the task yourself, or hire a freelance SEO expert. No matter how nice your site looks or how cool the graphics on it may be, the important thing is that people can find it. You can advertise, but, the best solution is to have your site search engine optimized.

What is SEO Search engine optimization, or SEO, is when your website and the content on your website contain specific key words or key phrases that help the search engines like Google and Yahoo find your website. You cannot stuff your site with these important keywords or key phrases because the search engines are privy to this method now and have beefed up their filters to make sure the searchers on their site aren't being directed to the wrong site.

How to Use SEO If you decide you are going to search engine optimize your site yourself, you are going to need to research SEO practices and all of the information you need cannot be provided entirely in this article. Learning how to use SEO is not necessarily difficult, but it isn't something you can master overnight either.

Some rules associated with optimizing your page and its content and you also have to be aware of the keyword density of your site and the keyword density of the content on your site. Too few keywords will not land you on the first page of Google rankings and using too many keywords will turn the search engines off from indexing your site higher in the rankings.

Research what is the best keyword density for your site. Generally, the content of your site can be appropriately search engine optimized if you use 2-3% keyword density for 500 words of content on your site.

Tips and Hints for How to Rank Higher on the Search Engines Many have learned the best way to make it to the first page of search engine rankings is with content on your site. Of course this content will need to be search engine optimized with a good density. It is best to SEO each page of your site, but it is very important to have the first page properly search engine optimized.

A tip is to SEO the images on your site as well. This too will bring traffic to your site. If you have any graphics or part of your site is mostly HTML, make sure that these are all search engine optimized as well. You can also look into using LSI words in your content as well. Choose one or two keywords or key word phrases in your content at the appropriate density and incorporate LSI words though out your site.

A helpful hint is to use the main or primary keyword or phrase in the first sentence of your content, used a few times in the body of the article, and then used again in the last sentence of your content.

SEO Tricks to Avoid Search engine tricks to avoid are stuffing your site with keywords, stuffing your site with keywords that do not belong on your site. For instance, say your site is about golfing equipment, you cannot stuff your site with keywords that you think will drive traffic to your site.

If you used the keyword "free downloads" throughout your site, the search engine will pick up on this and rank you in the lowest of ratings if rank you at all. Always make sure the keywords you are the keywords associated with your site.

Basic Introduction to Search Engine Optimization This is just a simple introduction of how to get your website on the first page Google, Yahoo, or Bing. If you plan to do this yourself, research the following:

  • obtain the correct keyword and key phrases to use on your site and its content
  • research the LSI words to go with your keywords and phrases
  • familiarize yourself with what White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, and Red Hat SEO are
  • determine if hiring someone else to SEO the site
Hiring Someone to SEO Your Website and Content There are many places online to hire professional SEO experts. It is best to go with sites to find a good provider. The SEO experts bid on the job and you have the choice of accepting or denying their bid. oDesk requires all providers to take specific tests to determine their knowledge of sentence structure, grammar, and SEO. The providers on this are also ranked.

You will be able to view the feedback other buyers have given them and once they complete the project for you, you can leave positive or negative feedback for them. The average price for American providers to get your web site to the first page of Google generally charge $1-$2 for every 100 words. Providers from other countries charge much less, but generally they have broken English and you may not be satisfied with the work completed. As stated above, look at their profile and their feedback scores prior to hiring them to SEO the website.

Whether your web designer search engine optimized your site, you intend to SEO the content yourself, or if you decide to hire someone else to do optimize your site; you need to be sure that you or the others have used inappropriate methods of SEO. Using inappropriate SEO techniques can get your page placed in the bottom of the search results or at all. How to get your website on the first page of search engine rankings can easily be done if you study SEO techniques or hire a good SEO expert.right

By LDP - Freelance writing  

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