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Search Engine Optimization - Getting Started

"Search Engine Optimization", is a term which has been the most talked topic in the web world over the past few years. At some time or the other every Internet user and must have wondered "So what the heck is it". This article will get you started about this topic.

First of all One must know what a Search Engine is before your get in to Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine is a website(Directory) which contains reference to many other websites of different categories, which can search Information on the World Wide Web and displays results according to page rank.In simple terms, It Is A Simple Information Retrieval System which can search the available web pages across the public web.

Now coming to the main part "Search Engine Optimization" refers to methods used by website owners and publishers to make their website Indexed by Search Engines(The Pages of the website, must be easily accessed by search engines) to improve their website's rankings in that Search Engine.First of all one must submit their website to search engine, before starting the optimization process.There are various methods available to optimize website for high rankings.

There are numerous Search Engines across the world wide web(www) and each and every search engine has their own method for ranking websites.

i.e. Search Engine Developers have concrete Algorithms (set of statements/processess for execution), for ranking websites . Its not true, that your websites would have the same "Page Rank" on different Search Engines .

Then how do I optimize a site without knowing what to do for different Search Engines?

I said , each site has their own method of ranking sites, Did I say It is Impossible ! Certainly Not. There are some guidelines which are universal to different Search Engines.

There are some methods which can increase your websites Ranks consistently across different Search Engines. Below listed are some of the common methods used by Webmasters and S.E.O Experts.Lets get in to each step in detail.

  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Meta-Tags
  • Increasing the amount of Content.
  • Participation In Web-Forums and Discussions
  • Backlinks
  • Submission To Search Engines
  • Checking whether all the pages are Indexed by search engines.
  • Title:

    Title refers to the Name which is displayed on your Web Browser's Title Bar when you open the web page.Title can have a major Impact in your Site Rankings.

    Always ensure that the title name is short and relevant to the content of the web page.


    Keyword is a reference to the content/type of Meta-Tag in a webpage's HTML Code.

    Keyword(s) is a term for which search engine displays results of available websites containing Information about a particular topic.

    Ensuring that the keywords are relevant to that websites content, is the most significant of the optimization methods.

  • use of Plurals
  • Don't Repeat a Keyword excessively (not more than 3 or 4 times)
  • Using Phrases is one of the best technique (a single word is not enough as 65% of search are based on phrases(combimation of multiple words)
  • Don't try to bid for the term which has the highest number of searches.This is a common mistake that people do when they optimize their website. The Trap here is, If you bid on a term that has been searched maximum number of times, then you need to compete with large number of websites which use the same keyword.Therefore the cometiton becomes high.So always be practical when selecting your keywords.
  • Use the Google Keyword Tool :Link Below:

    You can find out how many competitor websites are using the particular keyword.


    Meta-tags are used between and section of your HTML Webpage.

    There are two main Meta-Tags name

  • Keyword
  • Description
  • We have seen what are keywords in the previous section. Now let us learn about meta description

    In simple terms "Description is nothing but a brief introduction about the content present in the body of your web page.

    Use of normally-sized description without excessive usage of keywords can produce the best results. Content

    Make sure that the content of your website is updated at a regular basis, because people tend to go away from your site, if they find the same boring stuff again and again. Also ensure that your content is unique, as some search engines can ignore your website, if they find that your sites content is too common. See to that the content of your website remains unique.

    Participation In Web-Forums and Discussions

    Web-forums and Community websites can bring a lot of traffic for your website.

    If your site is linked by these websites, this will improve your website rank in an Indirect way.i.e.(Community Websites such as My-Space are used by a huge number of people across the globe and linking to those sites can improve your sites worth to a great extent).

    Backlinks :

    Try to submit your site's link to various traffic exchanges.Search Engines ranks sites which have large number of back links.

    Submission To Search Engines:

    Everyday there are new Search Engines evolving in the internet.You cannot submit to all of those sites.But there are some major ones such as Google, Alta vista, Excite, Lycos and some more ones.Just ensure that you submit your sites to these major ones.

    Checking whether all the pages are Indexed by search engines.

    Make sure that almost all the pages or at least most of them can be accessed by search Engines. Higher the number of Pages Indexed, greater would be your site's Page Rank.

    These are some common ways suggested by S.E.O. Experts and is meant to provide an Introduction about Search Engines and optimization methods .

    Article by,

    Praveen Sudarsan

    By Praveen Sudarsan - will update later  

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