Jiffy 5032 Professional Greenhouse 25-Plant Starter Kit

  • Jiffy 5032 Professional Greenhouse 25 Plant Starter Kit
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25 Plant Greenhouse Garden

Customer Reviews

The best way to start them off.

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 on November 14, 2014
By Amazon Customer
I actually ordered 2 of these after first buying 1. I have used the starter plugs before, but I really like the greenhouse where 25 are all together. It’s so much easier to put the flats outside for the day to harden the plants off in the spring, So, I now have 3 of these and a bag of 200 extra discs to replace in the greenhouse when I need them. This is a whole lot easier than working with potting mixes in the house. Once they grow and it gets warm, I take them out, all nice and neat in the netting and plant them in pots with potting mix outside on the patio, where i don’t mind if it gets messy. What’s not to love?

Works great (but some confusion with refill sizes)

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 on March 18, 2013
By R. Morris
I’ve used this and a few other similar Jiffy products the last several years to start seeds for my garden. They are very easy to use (add hot water per the directions to expand the included pellets, then plant seeds per packet instructions) and less messy than using seed starting mix in flats–and perhaps even easier as well, though probably a bit more expensive. A clear plastic cover/dome is included to help germination. When the seedlings are ready to pot up or transplant, the netting tears off very easily and allows for transplanting with minimal root disturbance. Some people also leave the netting on and I seem to remember reading that it’s supposed to disintegrate, but that hasn’t been my experience. You do have to be careful with larger-rooted plants (squash, etc.) that you take care of them before their roots start to grow through the netting, otherwise you’ll probably shock them more if/when you remove it. Finally, I like the square shape of this tray because it allows me to evenly rotate the plants under my grow lights.

get a jumpstart on your garden garden with ease

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 on October 2, 2016
By joseph byrd
I bought these to start my veggies in .I really like this product they are easy to use and really do the job.I especially like the dome it allowed me to keep the moisture and humidity just right.Which is really important in getting a healrhy garden growing the fact that all you need to do is soak the pellets is nice also they really have took all the time to produce a qualiry product the dome and casing are strong and durable as well as lightweight.Another great feature is the easy run off design that helps you from drowning your plants the run goes directly down the side.In.short the price was very good as well as the shipping i would recommend this to any gardener looking for a great seed starting kit it has everything you need to be on your way to happy healthy garden happy growing my friends.

Best Brand

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 on May 19, 2012
By Savvy Skeptic
I’ve used peat pellets and peat pots the past few years for both my vegetable and herb gardens. This is the best brand I’ve tried. Used in conjunction with a seedling heat mat, I’ve had 100% germination 2 years in a row with the Jiffy pellets. Other brands are cheaper and available in bargain stores, but they do not have the same type of peat filling. Both cheaper brands I tried had a coarser, mulch-type peat filling, with lots of little chips and woody pieces. My seeds did not do nearly as well with either of those. The Jiffy pellets have a fine, potting-soil texture that retains moisture and doesn’t wash out of the little pot when you add the water. These are cheaper in stores if you can find them, but they always seem to be out of stock in my area. Once you buy the first tray, you can re-use it and just buy Jiffy peat pellet refills after that. The plastic is not thick or sturdy, but with just a little careful handling, I’ve been using the same trays for two years with no problem.

The quality and price point were great for this

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 on May 9, 2016
This works. I used jiff to start my seeds this year in march. You have to pour the water into the tray, not on the individual pods. It works much this way if you pour directly into the tray to ensure the pods soak up as much as the water as they can. I drain off the excess. The quality and price point were great for this. Easy peasy!


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 on August 15, 2016
By Fran S.
My seeds grew so fast with these…only thing is they do get moldy. Uncover them once you see a little sprout. After my plant reached 1 1/2in. i transferred them to little pots. If you leave them in too long the roots will grow through the mesh and its a pain in the — to get them out.

Greenhouse Good but Not Professional

 on November 23, 2014
By Anne Wingate
This greenhouse is not professional, and I don’t like false advertising. However, it is an excellent gadget for starting plants if you are a novice gardener or you are short on space. I am already planning what I will plant in which starter cell. You need to put it under a very bright light–a shop light is best–or in a south window. Read the instructions on the seed packet very carefully, and if necessary look up the plant online to get complete planting instructions. Then keep it warm and damp, but not dripping. A CLEAN, preferably new, spray bottle is useful if you can stay at home and spray it from the top several times a day. If you can’t do that, put water in the bottom every evening when you get home from work, and let it soak in. But again, don’t overwater. More plants die from overwatering than from underwatering. I will enjoy using this. I got it with an Amazon gift certificate from one of my daughters, and I have an area in the den, which we call The Barn, which is extremely well lit for this very purpose. I am overall pleased with it. I just wish they hadn’t called it professional.

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