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Early signs of pregnancy or pregnancy symptoms vary from person to person and pregnancy to pregnancy. Some women may experience multiple pregnancy symptoms while others relatively few. Symptoms of pregnancy may also be caused by other conditions or as the result of a false pregnancy. the signs of pregnancy may come gradually or hit suddenly, and the variation of intensity with pregnancy symptoms only accentuates the fact that each and every pregnancy is unique.

A woman may inquire about signs of pregnancy if she has a desire to become pregnant, thinks it is possible that she will become pregnant, or is concerned that she might be pregnant. It is important to remember that the signs of pregnancy may not happen for everyone, and it is possible that a person is pregnant even if they do not experience any pregnancy symptoms. Here are some of the most common pregnancy symptoms:

Nausea or vomiting, typically after periods of not eating (mornings, extended fasts) is one of the most notable pregnancy symptoms. Typically, signs of pregnancy like morning sickness occur after missing a menstrual period, but some women claim to have morning sickness from the very first week of pregnancy. Though this is unlikely, it can occur as early as the second week of pregnancy. Typically this pregnancy symptom fades at about the twelfth week. Nausea or vomiting can be caused by other disorders including gastrointestinal issues, nervousness, or overeating.

Fullness or an achy sensation in the breasts is a fairly common example of early pregnancy symptoms. Similar in sensation to the ache experienced premenstrually, breast tenderness is caused by hormone fluctuation in pregnancy. In addition, vein structure in the breasts may become more prominent. In subsequent pregnancies, breasts can leak colostrum slightly. These pregnancy signs can be the result of an upcoming menstrual cycle or hormone changes unrelated to pregnancy as well.

Irritability or moodiness is one of the signs of pregnancy that can also be the result of premenstrual syndrome, hormonal imbalance, stress, or other causes. Weepiness, unusual emotional overreaction, and even an unnaturally sunny disposition may be a possible early pregnancy sign.

Headaches caused by hormonal changes are common in early pregnancy. Not all pregnancies are hallmarked by headaches, but they can be a less recognized sign of pregnancy.

Fatigue is one of the more common symptoms of pregnancy that women notice, often very early. Fatigue can also be the result of over exertion or stress.

If you are familiar with basal body temperature charting and your bbt remains elevated following ovulation, it may be a positive pregnancy sign. Though not a "sure thing", it is definitely a pregnancy symptom that may be considered.

Back pain, especially in the lower back can also be one of the indicating early pregnancy symptoms. Back pain in early pregnancy is caused by the stretching of the ligaments supporting the uterus. Of course, there are many other causes behind back pain.

Breakthrough bleeding with or without implantation pain is another of the early pregnancy signs to watch for. Breakthrough bleeding is simply bleeding that occurs between cycles. Often, implantation can cause this condition, most often about four days prior to when your period is due. Implantation bleeding is lighter than menstrual bleeding and should not last for more than forty-eight hours. Breakthrough bleeding can also be caused by cervix irritation, egg release, an earlier than expected period, infection, or simply hormonal fluctuations.

Vivid dreams may not be one of the most definitive signs of pregnancy, but it is considered a fairly common pregnancy symptom for many women. Typically the dreams are wilder than normal or may involve pregnancy or motherhood. Though the experts may insist that vivid dreams as pregnancy symptoms are simply impossible, many who have been pregnant before disagree.

Heartburn, more common in later pregnancy, may also be an early sign of pregnancy. Though heartburn is most often caused by digestive issues, many pregnant mothers have experienced heartburn along with or instead of morning sickness.

Skin changes occur throughout pregnancy and are also one of the most prominent early pregnancy symptoms. The aureoles darken and other pigmentation changes occur.

Cramping or pulling sensations in the uterus do not always mean a period is coming. Sometimes, cramps are one of the signs of pregnancy. This pregnancy symptom is caused by the ligaments supporting the uterus being stretched out.

Food cravings or aversions are both pregnancy symptoms women notice early in pregnancy and often throughout. Food cravings can also be caused from imagined pregnancy, malnutrition, emotional needs, and simply the desire for certain cuisine.

Weight gain, though not always just one of the signs of pregnancy, can be a telltale pregnancy symptom. Early pregnancy gain can be caused by hormonal changes, water retention, or even overeating. Similar to the other symptoms of pregnancy, other situations may result in weight gain.

Dizziness was one of the first pregnancy symptoms written about by Laura Ingalls Wilder when she spoke of Laura's pregnancy with Rose. Though not as well publicized as other signs of pregnancy, dizziness in pregnancy is caused by changes in blood volume as well as hormones. There are many other conditions like various vertigo conditions and inner ear infections that can cause dizziness as well.

Aversion to particular smells or a heightened sense of smell is another of the hormonal signs of pregnancy. Closely related to morning sickness, the ability to smell less detectable scents is often one of the most complained about pregnancy symptoms.

Bloating can be caused by an upcoming menstrual cycle or it can be one of the more uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. This is one of the signs of pregnancy that not all women notice, but for those who do, it can be a difficult complaint. Clothes fitting improperly, a full sensation, or just being uncomfortable will only get worse in the months to come, but for those hoping for a pregnancy miracle, bloating can be a sign of more happy discomfort on the way.

Absence of or minute menses is one of the main pregnancy symptoms to look out for. Most women do not even suspect they are pregnant until a late or lighter than usual period. Typically the absence of a menstrual period is "the sign" that a pregnancy is likely. Weight loss, hormone changes, stress, and certain medications can cause an absent or light period.

Frequent urination, though most common later in pregnancy, can be an early pregnancy symptom as well. Though multiple trips to the restroom can also be caused by other reasons like kidney or bladder issues, drinking more, exercise, and drinks consumed, frequent urination in early pregnancy is caused by the body preparing to support another life.

Just a feeling that pregnancy is probable is considered one of the less definitive pregnancy symptoms. Many women report to have just known that they were pregnant without any other symptoms at all, and were correct. Though this feeling may be less reliable than other pregnancy symptoms, considering it to be one of the signs of pregnancy is important. Sometimes, a woman simply knows.

The ONLY sign of pregnancy that is almost foolproof is the positive pregnancy test. Typically a home pregnancy test is only reliable if it has been 10-14 days since ovulation. Even then, the earlier the test, the less reliable the result is. Human error can also make a home pregnancy test less accurate. A blood pregnancy test performed by a medical professional is much more accurate.

Knowing the signs of pregnancy is an essential part of knowing the body. If you are hoping to become pregnant, best of luck. The symptoms of pregnancy may be uncomfortable, but for many women, it is one of the most rewarding conditions of their lives.

By Andrea Mariano - Andrea Mariano is a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom from central Indiana. Her hobbies include ecommerce, blogging, and gardening as well as maintaining an increasingly self-sufficient lifestyle.  

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