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Thinking Of Using Expedia To Buy Airline Tickets? Well DON'T

I am here as a spokes person for anyone who Expedia has put the pipe to. Just recently my sister and I had an issue with an airline ticket that we wanted to get changed; from a two day flight one flight was from Kansas City to San Antonio on the 20th and the next flight from San Antonio to Monterrey Mexico on the 21st, to a straight one day flight. We wanted to do this because my sister didn't notice it was a two day flight, and we were more than willing to pay the difference or penalties to get the flight fixed to a one day flight (expecting these to be reasonable). Sounds easy doesn't it? Well listen to the following and you will never use Expedia again.

Since they were paper tickets Expedia asked my sister to overnight the tickets back to their return department, which I did for her the next day. We might as well have walked them to their return department; they sat there for 4 days, while my sister called everyday and Expedia argued with her that they had not gotten the tickets and she must have not mailed them until she told them the tracking numbers on the post office slip that showed they had been accepted by someone at Expedia, then they quickly retracted and said oh well we need to process them call back tomorrow.

so my sister continued to call back for three days straight until finally they had agreed that they did in fact receive the tickets and finally processed them. Now when I mailed the tickets back we had 8 days until my Fianc was leaving on the trip (which we were in the process of changing for her). Now since Expedia took their sweet time we only have 5 days left, not a problem since we were hoping to change the flight and get an E-ticket.

Well Expedia was more than willing to help us change our $300 dollar ticket into an E-ticket; the only problem was they wanted an additional $500 to do this. I looked up tickets on their website and they were $350 for the exact trip we were trying to change, why were they insisting on this crazy amount? Oh it's because Expedia sucks as a company and their help desk is one step above a helmet and a mouth piece. I asked the woman on the phone why Expedia would ask for $500 dollars when we could buy a brand new ticket for $350 and all I got was three seconds of silence then she said I can only tell you what the computer tells me. Well thanks for that, I don't think she is aware that a computer is just a bunch of binary code of 1's and 0's but yes do what ever it tells you because you are totally incapable of realizing what the computer is telling you doesn't make any sense. But God forbid you question the infinite wisdom of an electrical box and its black magic it displays on the screen. I seriously think that to work Expedia helpdesk you have to be a stupid bitch.

so we then decided we don't want to have to deal with Expedia any longer, we tell them to forget everything we will stick with our tickets and buy another ticket from San Antonio to Monterrey and just eat the cost. Before we hang up with Expedia we ask them if they can assure us that they will mail the tickets back before the travel date which they agree to and say "Yes your tickets will be there before she leaves."

That was a direct quote, why did we believe them? Oh I don't know I guess we expected Corky from Life Goes on helpdesk personnel to actually get off their lazy butts and do their job. Did they you ask? No of course not so on Friday night I my sister has to call Expedia again and ask where our tickets are and explain the whole situation over again to the new genius we got to deal with, I think her name was Kathy, it doesn't matter she too was a moron. She informs my sister that the tickets were never sent, which as you would guess enraged us for now we have two days to get tickets. So the woman says I am mailing them tomorrow morning at 6 AM and they will be there by 6 PM. Again they use the line I ASSURE you they will be there.

So Saturday at 6 PM and no tickets so this time I was sick of Expedia and I am not nearly as nice as my sister who is all yes I understand oh its ok its not your fault the other person didn't do their job.

I call this time and here is the conversation we had

"I am sorry sir you are not on this account we can't talk to you unless you are on the account"

"Well you may not be able to talk to me but you damn sure are going to listen to me, you all have been jerking my sister around for a week now about some tickets that you never sent back to us. I want to know why they aren't here, where they are, and what you are going to do to get these to me in the next hour."

"Sir I am not sure what happened but it wasn't my fault the tickets didn't get"

"Yeah, yeah of course it wasn't your fault but I don't care about that you work there and you are on the phone with me so you are going to get out of your chair, stop playing your game that I know I interrupted and you are going to get your manager and we are going to figure out how you all will get me tickets."

She informed me that I would have to fill out a lost ticket voucher (which costs $100 dollars) then I would have to buy a ticket that day to leave (which was $1400) and they would give me my money back for my original ticket, which was $300 so now my ticket is going to cost $1100 instead of $300, all because they couldn't send me my tickets back and then she didn't understand why I was so angry. I am not paying $1100 because they didn't do their job I wanted to talk to a manager or someone who understood simple mathematics so I could explain to them that I am getting screwed.

After being on hold for one hour, I get this response.

"Sir we are in the process of changing your tickets to an E-ticket, you need to hang up and call back in 5 hours to see if the process failed."

"What!!! Wait a minute did you seriously just tell me I need to call back in 5 hours (a very specific amount of time) to check and see if the process failed?

This was the best part because I realized it was noon and called her on her lie.

"Wait you get off at 5 don't you and you haven't even talked to your manager you left me on hold and didn't do anything at alllet me speak to the manager you spoke to please what did you say their name was? I would like them to verify they spoke with you and this is being done."

"Ummm.hold please."

Not 10 minutes later she said ok sir we are processing the tickets and you should get an email soon with your E-ticket in it and you will be good to go. I got the email and thought all of my troubles were over. The next day we went to the airport as instructed in the email and the airport had no record of the E-ticket. I had to call Expedia again and this time got the only competent employee they have, she figured out right away with no argument that they forgot to include our access number in the email, we got this and got our tickets. Thank you to the only Expedia worker that doesn't qualify for the Special Olympics.

So the next time you think of Expedia or hear someone talk about it tell them my story. Make sure to include all the rips on the Expedia helpdesk, I don't even care if you take credit for them just make sure everyone knows that Expedia is a bunch of Jerks that don't know how to do business and need to have as much business taken from them as possible.

I think it would be great for all of the competitors of Expedia to advertise on this site and Expedia didn't get anything except a bad reputation.

I am sure there are other reasons to hate Expedia and I want to hear them all. Please post a comment on here or email me I seriously am thinking of building a website to display my hate of Expedia and I might even include Nextel on there too. Please help spread the word that Expedia is not a good company and lets use good old fashioned BOYCOTT to hurt them where they will feel it the most their Wallet. I bet the Executives will be very angry once they start to lose money and they can't afford the 50 foot Yacht and have to settle for the 30 footer instead.

BOYCOTT EXPEDIA Affective today!!!!!!! Spread the word please! I don't care how you do spread the word Email this, talk about it; do what ever you want, make a play about it that would rock! But just please spread the word. Thanks.

By TechTips - I am a senior systems engineer and enjoy writing articles about computers, technology and other electronics.  

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