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Post Summer Sandals, 2012 Fashion Boots & Naughty Heels

Fall rains in shoe style as these unique looks keep your fashion relationship with your feet moving. Women want to be sexy and show off a fresh manicure every now and then or keep their toes nice and warm. Beginning with some sandal action and followed by other shoe options, these styles could spring that post summertime touch without taking the fall.Dress sandals of flexible style can offer that post summer style a splash of casual. They do not cover the toes completely, hence sandals, but the thick straps overlay the foot area. "New Directions Robyn Dress Sandal" goes from women's size 6.5 to size 8.5 and at the affordable price of $11.98 (availability and sale may change in time). Although, the style of this 4" heel with a 1" height in front detail makes this heel a bit more tolerable for the foot. There's only one thing missing from this pair of delicate and durable strap sandals. Your feet. So visit today!Tip: shoes too small? Get two clear plastic bags and fill each 1/4 full with water. Place one bag per Shoe until you have each bag laying along the inside of each shoe. Place them inside of the freezer and forget about them for a while until the water is frozen solid. Take the shoes out, sit them aside to defrost for approximately 20 minutes, and then remove the bags before wiping each Shoe dry. Try them on for size. This can stretch Shoes from a half size up to an entire size larger. A better fit with this smart tip!Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Modern Sandals can liven up the fringe side of life. From the 2012 line of YSL, these pair of cute short heeled sandals come with ankle and foot fringe with a zip back. Going for $64.35, the "Modern Sandals" (stock number SN027667 at is in stock at the moment. This pair of tan beauties can delicately go with fringe lover's apparel.Michael Antonio Women's boot McMahon is back in black! This pair of excellence is sold at for a sweet $49.99. They are ankle height with a solid black appeal. And we mean solid! If you like Prince's purple boots that went along with his pants of side buttons then take a peek at the "McMahon" style (no item number listed). Check them out! Or continue to the "other" boot producer.Tip: Do not purchase heels with any cartoon characters attached to the design. And how old are you?Timberland boots deliver warmth. From ankle snaps to laces and grace, Timberland is expensive due to one accomplishment - crafting fine durable boots. If you don't mind spending next year's vacation money then spend $325 on the fall 2012 fashionable solid "Marge Snap Ankle Boots" visit Timberland. The Timberland addition not only can work with pants, they can get your sexy back with a pair of ankle length pants and matching purse of color. Yet there always seems to be duplicates at a lesser price. But where?Tip: When life asks you questions, Google has the answers! Spotted a pair of nice Black or tan Ramona Edge Sandals sold at Belk with a serious price cut to just over $16. They are quite stylish and easily worked into a black fall outfit or a pair of jeans with a long sleeve dress shirt. The low wooden style wedge is not overbearing and holds good balance. Problem? They are not sold online. Therefore, do some internet research for duplicates. Someone is bound to purchase at a sale price and resell for that small profit. You still benefit when scoring the shoes.Naughty, naughty heels! The $59 (size 5) silver metallic "Highest Heel Women's Christine" shoes, a.k.a. "stripper heels", may work better to heat the heart of that hot romance. Sears also offers a $59 (size 5) pair of silver metallic Highest Heel Women's Lover strapless Shoes for those who just don't feel like band aids on their feet. Both heels may be considered way too sexy to leave the bedroom on a chilly fall afternoon.Tip: Purchase a pair of top dollar sneakers but can't take them back after they rip in the cloth sector? Don't go shopping just yet! Simply use a needle and thread of the same color as the shoe area of rip and sew it with care. One great pair of expensive sneakers you hope to never pay for again.Glass with class. Spend $6.95 more than the "Highest Heels" and purchase the down to Earth (literally) Johnathan Kayne Women's Charleston heels. They are like the "Highest Heels" line, but classier! White or a bone grey are two delicate color choices to wear with a couple of glass-like styles such as the the Johnathan Kayne heels. Does it all matter? Yes. Invisible shoes do not go with everything. A colorful style deserves a colorful pair of shoes. A solid style of light color can work very well with this pair.Tip: Before purchasing and shipping shoes from an online business, weigh your options. Eventually you will run into the exact same pair, right? Not so. A cute wedge pair of black "Irregular Choice Funk a Delico" goes for $112 on Ebay from one seller with 6 available at this time. Digging the same shoe led to a size 9 white pair of "Irregular Choice Funk a Delico" wedges for $54.99 (one pair left as of 8/29/12) at Shoe Metro. Don't forget shipping costs! Dig "Irregular" even further to find pockets of sold out Shoes. Pays off to weigh your shopping options.Related:;;; 8/29/2012)By Lori Lane - Lori Lane is a published poet, active electronic journalist, technical writer, fitness center staff member. Lori Lane welcomes questions or feedback.  

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