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Romantic Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian describes herself as a hopeless romantic for marrying Kris Humphries and then divorcing him 72 days later. Kim Kardashian made the statement on the Live with Kelly show she co-hosted with Kelly Rippa.Live with Kelly host of the show, Kelly Rippa, paired up with Kim Kardashian as the co host. Kim Kardashian wore a low cut form fitting red long sleeve knee length laced dress and a neutral pair of stilettos. Kelly Rippa wore a red /black print knee length dress with patches of material baring her back. Kelly's shoes wore a simple pair of black high heels.Live with Kelly selection of Kim Kardashian on the show took most of the attention off of the long time television host, Kelly Rippa, who co hosted with Regis who recently retired. The television audience's attention was on Kim Kardashian whose reality show with her mother Kris Jenner and her reality show Kim and Kourtney Takes New York made her a TV star.Kelly Rippa spoke to Kim Kardashian as if she was a highly paid movie star and considered herself the lesser in regards to being famous. The conversation at the beginning of Live with Kelly was about Kelly Rippa being surprised that Kim Kardashian had suffered through psoriasis and had a mark left on her leg. Kim Kardashian was not shy about lifting her leg from behind the desk TV prop and showing Kelly the scar.Throughout the program Kelly Rippa on Live with Kelly kept referring to Kim Kardashian as if she was the superstar. One of the guests interviewed on the show indicated that he had been to Brazil. Kim Kardashian revealed to Kelly and the TV audience that she had never been to Brazil.Kelly who was still star struck with Kim Kardashian co hosting with her on Live with Kelly stated that she was surprised that Kim had not visited Brazil. Then Kim Kardashian revealed that one of her male friends told her that the women in Brazil was beautiful and she did not want to deal with the competition. Kelly Rippa assured Kim Kardashian that she had no competition when in came to beauty in comparison to the women in Brazil.Kim Kardashian would not make an appropriate permanent co-host on Live with Kelly because she would steal the show and all of the attention would be on her and her persona of being a hopeless romantic. Kelly Rippa popularity would be curbed if Gillman, the director of Live with Kelly, chose Kim Kardashian as a co-host. Most likely the new co host selected to replace Regis on Live with Kelly will be male because Kelly Rippa popularity pales in comparison to Romantic Kim Kardashian.

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