Here is a letter I sent to one of my TBP members that is trying to learn how to get signups.

I have your splash page built but I am waiting for the correct autoresponder code from you. I am telling you credit safelists work. The ones I use the most often are on the training page. You can post to 20 safelist but I post to everyone on the training page list everyday. That is the ones that allow me to post to everyday. That is why I get very good signup results. Sometimes I post to even more that are not on the list.. It only takes about 40 minutes of my time each day.

Listen to this. You don't send them directly to your business, you give away a free gift on your splash page, then you send them to your business opportunity. Now you have their email address. Now your autoresponder takes over and sends them your messages (you need at least nine messages). If you don't give away something for free they wont leave their email address, it's as simple as that. It is in the training. Give them something for free or they wont look at your business. Look at my splash page in the training. I have the links on the page for free but I also give them a FREE gift. They signup for the free gift and the autoresponder takes over. Now you have a chance if you are in a good business like the TEAM BUILDING PROJECT. Now that your autoresponder is sending them messages ( in my case the team building project/peoplestring/ reality networker /quick100 ). I mix my other businesses into the autoresponder and promote all my businesses. But the key is to make your splash page TBP/PeopleString then promote your other businesses in the autoresponder messages. You will then see your TBP business Explode. 

Look at the big picture, give away TBP and People String because they are free. Also to remember to give a FREE gift on the splash page. Now your TBP and People String BUSINESSES will  grow really fast. You now have the freedom to promote not only TBP and People String but also your other businesses  with your autoresponder. They will signup for your other businesses don't worry. Quit trying to sell them. Give them something Free. Use TBP/PeopleString it works because it is free. People want something for free before they join your program.

Once they see you giving them something they will join your other businesses. That is if they are good businesses and not scams. Remember to give them something for free then send them your business message the next day. It works this way. Dont try taking a shortcut, it will fail.

Also remember this, your very first letter is where you give them the FREE gift. Now they will continue to read your messages from your autoresponder. Sometimes I do this, I give a gift on the first letter and in that letter I tell them my next message will also have another free gift in it. I continue to do this on each message sent. Now they read every message I send to them. I now put a new opportunity in each message I send along with the FREE gift in each message. How long do you think it takes to build a business doing that. Not Long!

Again use the Team Building Project and People String they are solid businesses and not scams. TBP and PeopleString will become huge for you and also build your other businesses. However when all is said and done you wont need any other businesses other than the Team Building Project and People String. Because they will have already Exploded.

Please resend me your autoresponder code. The code you sent me was corrupt. I will then finish your splash page once I get the code. Also send me what free gift you want to give them. I dont want the link just some text. The text will be put above your form. I gave you plenty of free gifts to give away in the course. Which one do you want to use? Or you can use a gift you already have. The gift is up to you.

Here is the training site link again.

If you need some help let me know? Again send me a message anytime. There is also an email address in the training class. Use it.

Thank You,